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Rent & Legal Protection Insurance - Quote
Wednesday, 30th July 2014

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Rent & Legal Protection

Buy Online Application – Step 1 of 5


To apply for Rent & Legal Protection insurance you must be able to agree with all of the following statements.

Can you confirm that for existing tenants and any future tenant you will ensure that the following conditions apply:

  • Your tenant(s) has passed a tenant reference carried out by Keysafe Tenant Vetting. See the tenant referencing requirements for this policy.
  • The rental property is situated in England or Wales.
  • You have collected a minimum of 1 month’s rent in advance in cleared funds.
  • You have collected a deposit in cleared funds and protected it in accordance with Section 213 of the Housing Act 2004.
  • Your property is let under an Assured Shorthold, Company Residential (Company Let) or a written Common Law Tenancy Agreement for a fixed term no greater than 24 months and where greater than 12 months, it contains a 6 or 12 month break clause.
  • During the tenancy agreement the insured or the agent must keep full and up to date rental records and must not allow the tenancy agreement to be transferred to any other individual or organisation.
  • You have read and understood the Policy Summary and our Initial Disclosure Document and Terms of Business and accept the terms and conditions contained within.

I agree to the above declarations.

Buy Online Application – Step 2 of 5

Landlord Details

Correspondence Address

Title Addess 1
First Name Addess 2
Surname Town
Date of Birth We require this for identification purposes. (dd/mm/yyyy) County:
Trading Name (if any) Postcode
Telephone Where did you hear about us?
Email Name of Letting Agent / Branch
(if applicable)

Rental Property Address

Tenancy Details

Address 1 Tenancy Agreement Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) The Tenancy Agreement start date cannot be more than 60 days after your tenant(s) passed a reference with Keysafe Tenant Vetting.
Address 2 Monthly Rent (£) ie. 1100
Town Duration 6 Months 12 Months You can only take out a 12 month policy providing you have a 12 month tenancy agreement.
County Documents sent by email?

Save paper and help us reduce our carbon footprint by choosing to have your policy documents sent by email instead of being posted to you.

I would like my documents emailed to me.


Tenant Details

 Tenant(s) Full Name
& Keysafe Report No.
Guarantor(s) Full Name
(If applicable)
Keysafe Report Pass Date

Buy Online Application – Step 3 of 5

Statement of Facts – Ref:

Please confirm that all details on this page are correct.

Total Price
Including Insurance Premium Tax (6%)
Cover Details
Tenancy Agreement 1st January 1970
Policy Start Date 1st January 1970
Rent Protection £10,000
Legal Costs £10,000
Monthly Rent£0.00
Additional TermsN/A
Landlord Details
Date of Birth:
Trading Name:
Correspondance Address:

Rental Details
Rental Property Address:

 Tenant(s) Full Name & Keysafe Report No. Guarantor(s) Full Name Keysafe Report Pass Date

Important Note
Before you complete the application we would like to remind you that if the questions on the application form are not answered truthfully or should you give incorrect or incomplete information, our underwriters might decide that your insurance policy is invalid and this would of course affect any claim that you make. You must also advise us of any changes in your circumstances that might affect the insurance policy once your policy is in force, for example, a change of address.

Statement of Demands and Needs
If your tenants have successfully passed a tenant reference from Keysafe Tenant Vetting within the 60 days prior to the tenancy agreement start date and you are looking for cover for legal costs should your tenant(s) breach the financial terms of their tenancy agreement, including such costs to secure eviction where necessary, then this policy meets your needs.

Our aim is to provide an excellent claims service. Claims should be notified to our claims line 0844 770 1079. Please remember that for a valid claim to be made, the claim must be notified within 45 days of the tenant first defaulting on the terms of the tenancy agreement. Failure to complete and return a claim form with all supporting documentation within 45 days of the incident will invalidate your policy.

Buy Online Application – Step 4 of 5

Pay securely online using Sage Pay


Pressing the Buy button below will direct you to Sage Pay where your payment of £0.00 will be made securely.

For complete security, your card details are not stored on any website and are not disclosed to us at any time.

Do not wish to pay online?

Alternatively telephone us on 0118 970 3777 quoting your quote ref: and a member of the Landlords Insurance Team will be happy to take your details and set up your policy. (lines open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday). Please note there is no cover in force until we are in receipt of your payment.

Buy Online Application – Step 5 of 5

Transaction Failed

An error has occurred with the payment system, please contact us by calling 0118 970 3777 or send us an email at lime@jbi-ins.co.uk.

Need assistance?

If you have any questions or if you do not wish to purchase online please call us on:

0118 970 3777
Mon - Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm

Policy Documents

Buying Online

Credit and Debit Cards are securely processed by Sage Pay. For complete security they are not stored on any website and are not disclosed to us at any time.

Secure payments by Sagepay

Moneyback Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your policy then we will provide a full refund within the first 14 days from when you receive your documentation providing no claim has been made.

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